We will also give the basic process for solving these

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Unformatted text preview: 5 - x ) = ( 0.15) ( 75) 30 - 0.4 x = 11.25 18.75 = 0.4 x 18.75 x= = 46.875 liters 0.4 So, we need to add in 46.875 liters of water to 28.125 liters of a 40% solution to get 75 liters of a 15% solution. © 2007 Paul Dawkins 80 http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/terms.aspx College Algebra Equations With More Than One Variable In this section we are going to take a look at a topic that often doesn’t get the coverage that it deserves in an Algebra class. This is probably because it isn’t used in more than a couple of sections in an Algebra class. However, this is a topic that can, and often is, used extensively in other classes. What we’ll be doing here is solving equations that have more than one variable in them. The process that we’ll be going through here is very similar to solving linear equations, which is one of the reasons why this is being introduced at this point. There is however one exception to that. Sometimes, as we will see, the ordering of the process will be different for some problems. Here...
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