With these problems it is vitally important that you

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Unformatted text preview: little misleading. The title seems to imply that we’re going to look at equations that involve any radicals. However, we are going to restrict ourselves to equations involving square roots. The techniques we are going to apply here can be used to solve equations with other radicals, however the work is usually significantly messier than when dealing with square roots. Therefore, we will work only with square roots in this section. Before proceeding it should be mentioned as well that in some Algebra textbooks you will find this section in with the equations reducible to quadratic form material. The reason is that we will in fact end up solving a quadratic equation in most cases. However, the approach is significantly different and so we’re going to separate the two topics into different section in this course. It is usually best to see how these work with an example. Example 1 Solve x = x + 6 . Solution In this equation the basic problem is the square root. If that weren’t there we could do the problem. The whole process that we’re going to go thr...
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