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Unformatted text preview: o eliminate one of them for physical reasons. Let’s work another example or two. Example 2 Two cars start out at the same point. One car starts out driving north at 25 mph. Two hours later the second car starts driving east at 20 mph. How long after the first car starts traveling does it take for the two cars to be 300 miles apart? Solution We’ll start off by letting t be the amount of time that the first car, let’s call it car A, travels. Since the second car, let’s call that car B, starts out two hours later then we know that it will travel for t - 2 hours. Now, we know that the distance traveled by an object (or car since that’s what we’re dealing with here) is its speed times time traveled. So we have the following distances traveled for each car. distance of car A : 25t distance of car B : 20 ( t - 2 ) At this point a quick sketch of the situation is probably in order so we can see just what is going on. In the sketch we will assume that the two cars have traveled long enough so that...
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