B log c ln 1 1 1 2 because 10 2 2 100 10 100 1 1

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Unformatted text preview: hink about it, it will make sense. We are raising a positive number to an exponent and so there is no way that the result can possible be anything other than another positive number. It is very important to remember that we can’t take the logarithm of zero or a negative number. Now, let’s address the notation used here as that is usually the biggest hurdle that students need to overcome before starting to understand logarithms. First, the “log” part of the function is simply three letters that are used to denote the fact that we are dealing with a logarithm. They are not variables and they aren’t signifying multiplication. They are just there to tell us we are dealing with a logarithm. Next, the b that is subscripted on the “log” part is there to tell us what the base is as this is an important piece of information. Also, despite what it might look like there is no exponentiation in the logarithm form above. It might look like we’ve got b x in that form, but it isn’t. It just looks like that might be what’s hap...
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