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Unformatted text preview: the equation. We guarantee that this term will be present in the equation by requiring a ¹ 0 . Note however, that it is okay if b and/or c are zero. There are many ways to solve quadratic equations. We will look at four of them over the course of the next two sections. The first two methods won’t always work, yet are probably a little simpler to use when they work. This section will cover these two methods. The last two methods will always work, but often require a little more work or attention to get correct. We will cover these methods in the next section. So, let’s get started. Solving by Factoring As the heading suggests we will be solving quadratic equations here by factoring them. To do this we will need the following fact. If ab = 0 then either a = 0 and/or b = 0 This fact is called the zero factor property or zero factor principle. All the fact says is that if a product of two terms is zero then at least one of the terms had to be zero to start off with. Notice that this fact will ONLY wor...
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