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Unformatted text preview: x 2 + 96 x + 144 2 2 This is clearly not the same as the correct answer so be careful! [Return to Problems] The parts of this example all use one of the following special products. ( a + b ) ( a - b ) = a2 - b2 2 ( a + b ) = a 2 + 2ab + b 2 2 ( a - b ) = a 2 - 2ab + b 2 Be careful to not make the following mistakes! ( a + b ) ¹ a 2 + b2 2 ( a - b ) ¹ a 2 - b2 2 These are very common mistakes that students often make when they first start learning how to multiply polynomials. © 2007 Paul Dawkins 30 College Algebra Factoring Polynomials Of all the topics covered in this chapter factoring polynomials is probably the most important topic. There are many sections in later chapters where the first step will be to factor a polynomial. So, if you can’t factor the polynomial then you won’t be able to even start the problem let alone finish it. Let’s start out by talking a little bit about just what factoring is. Factoring is the process by which we go about determin...
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