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Unformatted text preview: did and then checked the answer in the results from that step it may seem to indicate that the solution is correct when the reality will be that we don’t have the correct answer because of the mistake that we originally made. The problem of course is that, with this solution, that checking might be a little messy. Let’s do it anyway. æ 27 ö? æ æ 27 ö ö æ 27 ö 3 ç - + 5 ÷ = 2 ç -6 - ç - ÷ ÷ - 2 ç - ÷ è7 øè è 7 øø è 7 ø æ 8 ö ? æ 15 ö 54 3ç ÷ = 2 ç - ÷ + è7ø è 7 ø 7 24 24 = OK 7 7 So, we did our work correctly and the solution to the equation is, x=- 27 7 Note that we didn’t use the solution set notation here. For single solutions we will rarely do that in this class. However, if we had wanted to the solution set notation for this problem would be, ì 27 ü í- ý î 7þ Before proceeding to the next problem let’s first make a quick comment about the “messiness’ of this answer. Do NOT expect all answers to be nice simple integers. While we d...
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