Public Policy Response Paper #1

Although mayhew does not use the idea of home style he

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Unformatted text preview: plain without presenting himself” (Fenno, 168). Voters need to feel comfortable enough to trust the MC before they vote for them. The MCs will target districts where how they present themselves is very important to ensuring that that district will be significant to their reelection. Although Mayhew does not use the idea of home style, he does believe in three things that will guarantee reelection: advertising, credit claiming, and position taking. “Advertising is a staple congressional activity” (Mayhew, 52), and like Fenno’s presentation of self, is the starting point for the reelection process. Mayhew believes that “a successful congressman builds what amounts to a brand name” (49). At this point, it is not important for the MC to have a strong message, rather than establish his or herself with a “favorable image”. Certain actions such as speeches to home audiences, letters of condolence, and visits to the constituency (Mayhew, 50), are important to the advertising process. Fenno and Mayhew would agree that the image of the MC is the first step that will help lead to reelection. For Mayhew, his second step towards reelection focuses primarily more in the office then at home. However, just as allocating resources helps in the final step of home style, credit claiming will do the same in conjunction with position taking. Mayhew believes credit claiming to be relevant because it makes the MC seem desirable to a relevant political actor by being responsible in an action in the government (Mayhew, 53). Once established underneath this specific actor, the MC can try and take credit for government accomplishments and use these when they return home. By presenting themselves to their districts and constituencies with specific examples of what they have acco...
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