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Public Policy Response Paper #1

For purpose of connecting fenno to mayhew explanation

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Unformatted text preview: e legislation” (Mayhew, 62). This is just one example of how MCs convey their doings to the people at home. They will use television appearances, letters, newsletters, etc (63) so that the voters that they need to guarantee reelection understand where they stand and will be able to relate to them more easily. Fenno’s final component of home style, which he calls explanation of Washington activities, is, in a sense, a mirror image of position taking. Fenno goes on to describe many different forms of explanation, including power, policy, consistency, and others. Explanation of power is MCs giving speeches to students of all ages about what it is exactly that congressmen do on a daily basis in office (Fenno, 137), and consistency is simply showing people that they do not flip ­flop on issues they have either agreed or disagreed with in the past. For purpose of connecting Fenno to Mayhew, explanation of policy is most consistent with position taking. When MCs make trips home, they will be presented with questions from potential voters. In most cases, “they are more often asked to explain their general ‘policy positions’” (Fenno, 144). It is important for MCs to not just explain a specific vote, but to show constituents their voting patterns and overall voting records. There are many different aspects one can use to compare Richard Fenno and David Mayhew. They both present goals that MCs have, reelection being first and foremost, while using certain tactics and activities to describe what is necessary to accomplish this. However, these goals and the processes that go along with them, all have a common theme – home. Fenno describes this specifically as hom...
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