Public Policy Response Paper #1

Time in the office although a trade off with time at

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Unformatted text preview: mplished, it is easier to come off as more desirable and to gather more votes. The next component for Fenno, allocation of resources, seems to be a middle step, related to both presentation of self and his last component, explanation of Washington activities. It is simply “how much time to spend physically in the district and how much staff to place physically in the office” (Fenno, 33). Time spent at home will affect the MCs presentation of self, while time in the office will relate to the time spent working on specific policies and Washington activity. Time in the office, although a trade off with time at home, is essential to setting up Fenno’s final component of home style, explanation of Washington activities. Each of Fenno and Mayhew’s final step towards reelection focuses on returning home with the ability to present what it is they have been doing while working in Washington, and how this is important to the people in their districts. Mayhew calls this position taking, defining it as “the public enunciation of a judgmental statement… of interest to political actors” (Mayhew, 61). It is more important for MCs to have certain positions that people can relate to, specifically his constituents. Supporting specific policies is not enough, however. To help towards reelection, it is necessary for each MC to bring what they have done in office to their homes and speak to the people. Mayhew talks of one congressional member who references his experience of speaking about certain legislations at home. “Recently, I went home and began to talk about the [act]… What was getting through was that the act might be a help to people… I didn’t mention my role particularly, but stressed my support of th...
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