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Week One Discussion - Week 1 In a minimum of 200 – 250 words post your discussion for the topic assigned by last name (see below). Substantively respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. At least one of your responses to your classmates must be to a topic different from your assigned topic. a. (If your last name begins with A-I, answer this question.) Why is it important to criminal law that the United States has a federal system of government? The federal system of government is important to criminal law. It plays a crucial but intricate part in the United States. Ultimately, both systems aid in safeguarding public rights. As society grows, criminal law must grow in parallel and that is where the federal system of government comes in. When public order is disrupted in the form of murders, assaults, rapes and other crimes, criminal law is there. It protects private rights with concerns of physical safety of citizens and their property. The federal government and criminal law systems are similar in the United States.
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Unformatted text preview: Criminal cases can be prosecuted by a representative of the state or federal government. But the federal government is on a larger scale. The textbook gave two example that help demonstrate the different scales. Both are rape cases. The first is a prosecution by a district attorney and labeled Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. John Doe . The second, a federal case brought by a U.S. attorney and labeled United States v. Jane Doe (8). It is necessary to have a clear distinction between the two. The federal system of government was vital when moods of transportation and communication advanced and caused problems on interstates. The state and local law enforcement agencies ran into mass numbers of Interstate flight problems. As a result the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was established (16). The FBI plays an important part through enumerated powers today as a result (13)....
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