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Lecture 10 - 3 Process 3—1 constant pressure p=1.4 bar W...

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Lecture 10: Energy analysis for cycles 2/1/2008 ME203-002/004 Objectives 1. Energy conservation for cycle a. Why do we have W cycle =Q cycle ? 2. Performance analysis of thermodynamic cycles a. How is the performance for power cycles evaluated? b. How about refrigeration cyles? c. How about heat pump cycles? Example (taken from Problem 2.74 of thermodynamic book) A gas undergoes the following process: Process 1—2: constant volume, V = 0.028m 3 , U 2 -U 1 =26.4 kJ Process 2—3: expansion with pV=constant, U 2 =U
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Unformatted text preview: 3 Process 3—1: constant pressure, p=1.4 bar, W 31 =-10.5kJ Assume that there is no significant change of kinetic and potential energy during the process. (1) draw the cycle on a p-V plot (2) Compute the net work for the cycle, is this a power cycle? (3) Compute the heat transfer for process 2-3 (4) Compute the heat transfer for process 3-1 Homework (due on Feb 4): T : 2.33 and 2.77 Required reading for this lecture : T :2.6 Suggested reading for next lecture: T: 2.1-2.6...
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