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Unformatted text preview: Core”) of at least 2.0 (C). Successful completion (see #1 above) of the program’s course distribution requirements, as follows: o College Core – General Education Requirements – 42 credits; o Program Core – 21 credits, of which a minimum of 12 credits must 2011‐2012 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Student Handbook Page 13 be earned by successfully completing courses offered by New England College’s School for Graduate and Professional Studies; o Concentration – 21 credits; o Capstone – 4 credits; o Electives – 32 credits. ADI* Administrative Incomplete none W Withdrawal none WD Withdrew from school none * see following for description ADI: Administrative Incomplete. This grade Grading System is submitted only in extraordinary Letter grades and numerical point values circumstances when the instructor of are assigned as listed below: record did not or could not turn in grades. A grade of ADI will be converted to a letter grade by the instructor of record as soon as Letter Meaning Quality Points Per Credit permit. When extreme conditions Grade circumstances, such as the death of a A 4.0 faculty member, make it impossible for him or her to convert the ADI, the Vice A‐ 3.7 President for Academic Affairs will make the B+ 3.3 conversion in consultation with the affected students and appropriate faculty. B 3.0 2.7 B‐ Calculation of Grade Point Average To compute a student's cumulative grade C+ 2.3 Unsatisfactory point average (GPA), numerical values are C 2.0 assigned to each letter grade as indicated above. Grades of I, P, NR, AU, ADI, W, and C‐ 1.7 WD are not used in grade point calculations. The sum of the grade points 1.0 D received is divided by the number of credits completed, resulting in the student's D 0.7 cumulative grade point average (GPA). F Failure 0 I Incomplete none Passing (B or higher for MFA only) none NR Below passing none AU Audit none P Final Grades The decision of an instructor to award a grade is presumed to be final. Barring incompetence or error...
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