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Unformatted text preview: e student may appeal the instructor’s action through the following procedure: • Within 10 class days of receiving notice of the failing grade in the assignment or course, the student must submit a written request for a hearing to the Director of the program in which the student is enrolled. The request will contain a statement of the basis for appeal as well as any supporting evidence. The instructor will receive a copy of the student’s appeal. The Program Director will consult with the student and with the faculty member, and will try to reach a decision acceptable to both. If this is not possible, the Program Director shall refer the case to the Graduate Council. • The Graduate Council shall hear and decide, in accordance with procedures it may adopt, academic dishonesty appeals referred to it by the Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies. Both the student and the faculty member involved may present witnesses and be represented by advocates at the hearing. If the Council finds in the student’s favor, it will recommend that the instructor reconsider the failing grade. If the instructor accepts the Council’s recommendation and changes the failing grade, the Council will direct the Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies to destroy all record of the accusation. If the instructor does not accept the recommendation, the case will be forwarded to the Dean of the School of 2011‐2012 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Student Handbook Page 17 Graduate and Professional Studies for further consideration. If after final disposition the accusation is reversed, all records pertaining thereto will be destroyed. • Decisions of the Graduate Council or the Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies that are adverse to the student may be appealed in writing on procedural grounds only, to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, whose decision shall be final. Adding, Dropping, and Withdrawal from Courses Students may add or drop courses pri...
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