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Unformatted text preview: assistance on an examination, quiz or assignment in a way not specifically permitted by the instructor. Plagiarism 2011‐2012 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Student Handbook Page 16 includes the use of another’s scholarship, words, ideas, or artistic product without proper citation or acknowledgment. In all written work, the standard guide for citation or acknowledgment will be The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association or, in the case of students in the Master of Arts in Public Policy, the Chicago Manual of Style. Penalties for Academic Dishonesty A student who cheats or plagiarizes will receive a failing grade on the work in which the dishonesty occurred or may, if in the instructor’s opinion the work is of major significance in the total course, receive a failing grade in the course. Instances of cheating or plagiarism must be reported to the Dean of the School for Graduate and Professional Studies. If a second report of cheating or plagiarism occurs, the student will be subject to expulsion. Procedures for Assigning Penalties In order to protect the interests of the College community, including those of students and instructors, the following procedure shall be followed in cases of cheating and/or plagiarism. If an instructor is convinced cheating or plagiarism has occurred, the instructor shall inform the student immediately before taking any other action. The student shall be given the opportunity to discuss the matter with the instructor. As a result of the discussion with the student, the instructor shall either dismiss the matter or, if the instructor remains convinced that the student has cheated or plagiarized, assign the student a failing grade for the work and/or the course, and report the matter to the Program Director and the Dean. Instances of cheating or plagiarism must be reported to the Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies, who shall inform the student and the Vice President for Academic Affairs of any resulting action. Appeals Procedure Th...
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