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Unformatted text preview: will take place after the fee refund period. Students who are administratively withdrawn from the course will not be eligible for a tuition refund; For the purpose of withdrawals, term weeks start on Mondays and end on Sundays; No withdrawals are permitted during the last week of the term. Audited Courses Students wishing to audit a course may do so by contacting the Graduate and Professional Studies Office. Permission of the instructor is required. The workload and attendance policy in the course is to be determined by the instructor and should reflect expectations of both the instructor and the student. No credit is granted for an audited course. A grade of “AU” will not be entered on the student’s permanent record unless a student satisfactorily completes the attendance and workload requirements of the course. Students will be charged one‐ half the current tuition rate for that course. All students will be charged any course‐ related fees. After the end of the add/drop period, a student may not convert an audited course back to the letter grading system. 2011‐2012 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Student Handbook Page 19 Directed Study Contract A directed study is an academic tutorial course that allows a student to do an in‐ depth study with a faculty member in an area of mutual interest. Students will meet weekly (face‐to‐face or online) with the faculty member. Guidelines for Directed Study • The Dean of the School of Graduate & Professional Studies reserves the right to deny requests for directed study option. • Directed Study courses may not duplicate courses scheduled within a 12 month period, unless approved by the Dean. • Directed Study courses may not be for more than 4 (four) credits • Students may present for graduation no more than a total of 12 (twelve) credits for Directed Study. Eligibility and Registration 1. Directed Study courses MUST be approved by the Dean of the School of Graduate & Professional Studies Office prior to initiating contract. 2. Student must...
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