Thisisforyoursecurityandthe securityofyourdata

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Unformatted text preview: Phone: 603‐428‐2258 Fax: 603‐428‐8123 Student Support Services Staff for students using Moodle: Email: Phone: 1‐866‐532‐1989 Getting Started Registering for Courses Student Services will register you for your first term classes. Subsequent registrations are the responsibility of the student. Registration and textbook information will be emailed to your NEC email account approximately four weeks prior to the next term start. To register for classes online, login in to MyNEC:‐nec‐1. Students with a hold on their record (including financial or other obligation) may not be able to register until resolved. Once you are registered, there are three services you can start using right away. These are: your NEC Blackboard or Moodle account your My NEC student account your H. Raymond Danforth Library online databases The fourth service may take three to five business days to activate: your NEC Email account By familiarizing yourself with these tools you will be one step ahead of the game when beginning your program. Please, however, guard your login information carefully. Do not share this information with anyone, and wherever possible change your PINs and passwords immediately upon login. This is for your security and the security of your data. The TechNEC team looks forward to your arrival in our virtual community as you begin to use these services. Be sure to login to your NEC Blackboard account and Check 2011‐2012 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Student Handbook Page 9 In through MyNEC before each term. If you have questions regarding Blackboard, the My NEC system or your accounts in either system, please contact Student Services at or 603‐428‐2258. Always use your NEC email address! For weekend seminar courses, cancellations must be received by the Thursday before the first class date, or the student will be responsible for payment of the entire course tuition. Attending any portion of a weekend course will cause the st...
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