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Unformatted text preview: ms Summer III 2011 July 3 – September 24 (No class July 4) Fall II 2011 September 25 – December 17 (No class November 20‐26) Spring I 2012 January 8 – March 31 (No class April 1‐7) Spring II 2012 April 8 – June 30 (No class July 1‐7) 14‐Week Semester Programs Fall I 2011 September 4 – December 17 (No class September 5, November 20‐26) Spring I 2012 January 22 – May 5 (No class March 11‐17) MFA Program Fall I 2011 June 18 – December 17 Spring I 2012 January 1 – May 12 Commencement 2012 Saturday, May 12 On‐Campus Residency Dates Master of Fine Arts Winter 2012 Residency January 3‐11 Summer 2012 Residency June 21‐30 Master of Science in Sports and Recreation Management Summer 2011 Residency Incoming Students, August 1‐5 Graduating Students, August 3‐5 2011‐2012 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Student Handbook Page 8 Key Contacts Program Directors: Each SGPS program has one or more faculty appointed as a Program Director. This may be the most important person for you to know and with whom you should stay in touch. Your program director is involved either directly or indirectly throughout your Capstone/Action Research project (if your program has it). In addition, your program director can be an excellent source of advice about your post‐graduate plans. A complete list of program directors and their contact information is listed at the end of this Handbook (See Staff Directory) and also posted to the faculty and staff listing: SGPS Student Support Services Staff: The Student Support Staff provide information, help in processing various required forms, review and modify your degree completion plan, review your application for graduation, certify your graduation and maintain your records while you are an enrolled student. The Student Services Staff are very helpful in providing solutions to whatever question or concern you may have along the way to graduation. Student Support Services Staff for students using Blackboard: Email: studentservic...
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