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Unformatted text preview: ATTENDED a course. Students that have never attended a course(s) will be automatically withdrawn if they have been accurately reported as NEVER ATTENDING on the attendance rosters submitted to the 2011‐2012 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Student Handbook Page 18 Student Services office at NEC during the first week of the course. Policy: If a student misses two or more consecutive weeks of class during the term, or if the student has missed enough assignments that the instructor believes s/he cannot meet the goals of the course within the remaining timeframe, s/he may be subject to administrative withdrawal. In the absence of extenuating circumstances and 48 hours after the student has been notified, the administrative withdrawal will take place and the student will be removed from the class. This Administrative Withdrawal Policy will be implemented in all graduate level online courses subject to the following provisions: • The Student Services staff will carry out a good faith effort to contact the student and advise him or her of the situation and the consequences of an administrative withdrawal; • The instructor will attempt to contact the student and issue a warning prior to the decision of administrative withdrawal; • The administrative withdrawal must be approved by the program director, upon recommendation from the instructor and/or the student services staff. If the instructor does not initiate the administrative withdrawal process, s/he must be fully informed by the Student Services staff so that s/he can contact the student (via email) and issue the warning; • The Administrative Withdrawal Policy must be included in the course syllabus with specific language as to the policy. Students must be informed that administrative withdrawal may have an • • • • impact on their Financial Aid awards and status in the program; The Student Services office must have sufficient documentation of student notification prior to the administrative withdrawal. This documentation, together with the instructor’s warning, will become part of the student’s file at NEC; Administrative withdrawal...
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