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Unformatted text preview: udent to incur the same responsibility for tuition payment. Dropping a course: A course for which a student has registered remains on his/her academic record unless a formal petition to remove it has been submitted in writing to the Student Services Office prior to the first day of the term. Courses that are dropped after the first day of the term but prior to the last day of classes will carry the grade of “W” and remain on the transcript. Students are financially responsible for all courses with a “W” grade. The refund of tuition is based on the week the student withdraws and notifies the Student Services Office (both must be accomplished). For this purpose, Sunday is considered the first day of the applicable week for Blackboard students; Monday is considered the first day of the applicable week for Moodle students. . Before the first day of class, 100% refund As of the first day of the first week of class, 80% refund As of the first day of the second week of class, 50% refund As of the first day of the third week of class, 0% refund No adjustments to account balances will be made nor withdrawal disputes considered after 30 days from the end of the term during which the student withdrew. Degree Completion Plan Students can request a degree audit and/or degree completion plan of Student Services. In particular, students planning to modify their degree completion from the initial program schedule should contact Student Services for an updated degree completion plan. How to access your Blackboard or Moodle Courses To access your learning platform (Blackboard or Moodle), go to‐nec‐1 and from there click on the appropriate link: Access Your Blackboard Courses Here Access Your Moodle Courses Here (Note: Click here for for Moodle course support) Blackboard can be directly accessed at: http:[email protected] Moodle can be accessed at: NEC Email can be accessed at: https:[email protected] 2011‐2012 School of Graduate and Professional Studies Student Handbook Page...
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