Emg during ecg acquisitions electronic noise from

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Unformatted text preview: grading the signal of interest. – EMG during ECG acquisitions – Electronic noise from instruments – Power-line interference – EM waves in our environment Dr. Bülent Yılmaz Bü BME402: Biomedical Signal Processing-II Processing4 2 Deterministic vs. Random signal • Deterministic signal – Whose value at a given instant of time may be computed • using a closed-form mathematical function of time closed• or predicted from a knowledge of a few past values of the signal • Otherwise signal is a random signal Dr. Bülent Yılmaz Bü BME402: Biomedical Signal Processing-II Processing- 5 Random noise • An interference that arises from a random process such as thermal noise in electronic devices • A random process is characterized by the probability density function (PDF) – Prob...
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