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Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter are just a few social networking sites. Should a company view information on these sites when determining whether to hire an individual? I feel that companies should look at these types of sites when determining whether to hire an individual because it shows the true character of that potential employee. Most individuals today do not think in regards to potential employers looking on their social page. This also can give a potential employer the opportunity to look at how the potential employee communicates with others. When posting information to a personal account (pictures, statements, etc.) during non- work hours, does an employee still need to consider company policies? Yes, an employee still
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Unformatted text preview: needs to consider company policies during non-work hours to ensure that he or she does not endanger their employment by posting inappropriate pictures or statements that may find their way back to the work place. It is also important not to post any type of company related documents or information. Should companies allow employees to surf social networking sites during work hours? I feel the only time companies should allow employees to surf social networking sites during work hours would be whenever they are looking at potential employees. All other times are inappropriate and cost the company time and money. Company resources should only be used for company gain....
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