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Unformatted text preview: Ch 4 Review: 1 of 15 Sociologically, which of the following least qualifies as a group? All African American women attending colleges and universities in the United States. Question 2 of 15 A group of strangers waiting for a bus at the corner of Poplar and Main Streets is an example of a[n] ________. aggregate Question 3 of 15 Guy is a NASA engineer who is working on proposals for the first manned mission to Mars. Sociologically, what is NASA in relationship to Guy's life? It is a secondary group because NASA serves as Guy's employer, and space interest. Question 4 of 15 Which sociologist coined the term, the iron law of oligarchy ? Robert Michels Question 5 of 15 What conclusion can be drawn from Milgram's experiment involving the "small world Phenomenon"? Society is unconsciously linked together by mutual acquaintances. Question 6 of 15 When Judith Kleinfeld replicated Milgram's experiment on small group phenomenon, what did she discover? ...
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