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LAR 322 Potential Exam Questions: Exam 1 (the exam will include 9 of these questions and you will select 4 to answer as short [half-page] essay responses; bring only a pen/pencil to the exam) 1. Of what value is landscape ecology to our ability to predict functional changes caused by natural or human-caused disturbances to landscapes? Provide at least two examples, and in doing so, accurately use a few of the important terms or ideas from the field of landscape ecology. 2. Explain how an understanding of “eco-region classifications” and “the composition of vegetative communities” can assist us in protecting overall biological diversity and ecosystem health. 3. Two important concepts or factors of wildlife systems are “carrying capacity” and “habitat”. Define each term and explain how each one influences the other. Drawing on ideas from Keane, Wright and/or Leopold, provide one example of how habitat influences carrying capacity.
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