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NETW-204 Assignment #3 Week 5 Refering to figure 1 below: You are the network administrator for the network depicted in the diagram. You have been assigned the address space to create the LANs you need, and the space for your WAN links. LAN: WAN: LAN Subnets Begin by creating and assigning the LAN subnets you will use. In order to make the most efficient use of your address space you should start by creating the subnet needed for the LAN with the most hosts and then work you down to the smallest LAN. Using the address space, create subnets for the LANs shown in the diagram and fill in the table 1 below. Notice that the first 7 subnets are all basically the same size and all subnets are all factors of 2 (remember 2 n -2 where n is the number of host bits tells you the subnet size). Also remember for the most efficient addressing you should use the smallest size subnet that provides you the needed number of hosts. TABLE 1: (Questions 1-8) Questio LAN Subnet Address Subnet Mask
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n 1. R1 LAN S3 2. R1 LAN S4 3. R2 LAN S5 4. R2 LAN S6 5. R3 LAN S7
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