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Department of Fine and Performing Arts, Loyola University ChicagoCeramics FNAR 120, Hand buildingKate Biderbost, E-mail: [email protected]Project #1: CoilingUsing earthenware clay you will replicate a historical pot with the coiling technique. You are going to have tospend a little time in the library and/or on the Internet. The results of your exploration will be an image of ahistorical vessel, which you will replicate. Your final pot should be 10 inches tall. Your vessel must be correctin its proportions to the original. Building your pot to 10 inches and keeping the original proportions will beone of your main challenges. You will create a template before we begin building and it will be necessary foryou to reference your template continuously while building. When picking a pot to replicate don’tunderestimate yourself. A more simple pot may seem easier to build but it isn’t showing any risk.You can choose to reference the original surface or create your own. All surfaces will most likely be addedafter the pot is built but still leather hard. Do not let your pot dry outbefore your surface is added. Once yourpot is dry no surface can be added.
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