Soc 210 final exam review 1

SOC 210 Final Exam Review 1
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Unformatted text preview: Taylor Kovalycsik 12/1/11 Sociology 210 Final Review Terms 1. Moral Treatment- popularized in 1793 by Dr. Phillippe Pinel as a new way of caring for the mentally ill. He created asylums for patients, designed to rehabilitate and eventually release them back into the general public. 2. Myths about Mental Disorders- Mentally ill patients are extremely weird most patients with mental illness are hard to distinguish. mental illness hopeless most mental illnesses are manageable and can be overcome through treatment. There is a clear distinction between mentally ill and mentally healthy many times, mental illness is more subtle and less distinct. mentally ill individuals are crazed, violent people mentally ill patients are more likely to harm themselves than others. 3. NNaghten Rule- Insanity defense; during the moment, the individual could not distinguish between right and wrong. 4. Nancy Cruzan- (1990) parents have the right to take their children off a feeding tube. 5. Neurosis- less severe than psychosis; little distortion of reality; can still interact with society. 6. Nude dancing/ self perceptions- Many dancers do not consider their work disreputable; some find it empowering and view it as them controlling the situation (and men) as a means of attaining money. 7. Nude dancing/ wages- most dancers earn a decent wage about $25,000-$75,000 a year; their expected to tip male workers (DJs, bouncers) ...
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