SOC 210 Final Exam Review 1

SOC 210 Final Exam Review 1 - themselves than others 3...

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Taylor Kovalycsik 12/1/11 Sociology 210 Final Review Terms 1. Moral Treatment- popularized in 1793 by Dr. Phillippe Pinel as a new way of caring for the mentally ill. He created asylums for patients, designed to rehabilitate and eventually release them back into the general public. 2. Myths about Mental Disorders- “Mentally ill patients are extremely weird” –most patients with mental illness are hard to distinguish. “mental illness hopeless” – most mental illnesses are manageable and can be overcome through treatment. “There is a clear distinction between ‘mentally ill’ and ‘mentally healthy’ – many times, mental illness is more subtle and less distinct. “mentally ill individuals are crazed, violent people” – mentally ill patients are more likely to harm
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Unformatted text preview: themselves than others. 3. N’Naghten Rule-Insanity defense; during the moment, the individual could not distinguish between right and wrong. 4. Nancy Cruzan-(1990) parents have the right to take their children off a feeding tube. 5. Neurosis-less severe than psychosis; little distortion of reality; can still interact with society. 6. Nude dancing/ self perceptions-Many dancers do not consider their work disreputable; some find it empowering and view it as them controlling the situation (and men) as a means of attaining money. 7. Nude dancing/ wages-most dancers earn a decent wage about $25,000-$75,000 a year; their expected to tip male workers (DJ’s, bouncers)...
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SOC 210 Final Exam Review 1 - themselves than others 3...

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