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Comm Chapter 4 - 8 And also a combination of some of the...

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Comm Chapter 4- Analyzing The Controvertsy The definition of terms —the advocate’s supported interpretation of the meaning of the words in a proposition—is often an essential part of debate. In some instances the opposing advocates will agree right away. In other cases the locus of the debate may be the definition of a key term or terms, and definitions become the “voting issure” that decides the debate. Example: in class debate over what a “right” was. “when does life began and death start?” Methods of Defining Terms: 1. Giving an example of how you intend the word be used 2. Refer to your def as the one that is most commonly used a. Pres Clinton said the common usage of sexual relationship didn’t describe oral sex. b. Military uses 24 hr clock to prevent confusion 3. Authority, as in referring to a dictionary or encyclopedia have great effect on defining a term 4. Operational Definition 5. Negation telling what the word does not mean rather than what it means 6. Comparison and contrast 7. Derivation
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Unformatted text preview: 8. And also a combination of some of the methods Don’t use trick definitions “Should” places a burden of proof on the AC in which they should show that their policy is practical and that it would work. Fiat is the convention in an academic policy debate that, for the sake of argument, participants may assume implementation of a reasonable policy. This allows debators to focus on the question of whether a policy should be adopted and to avoid as irrelevant arguments about whether the policy would (or will) be adopted. Issues are those critical claims inherent in the proposition that the affirmative must establish. Also where arguments converge. Stock issues are those issues common to all debates on similar types of propositions, or standard claims that are applicable to many propositions. The negative must defeat at least one stock issue to win a debate. Value is sought more so than fact in academic debate Exercises: they weren’t really questions with answers....
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Comm Chapter 4 - 8 And also a combination of some of the...

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