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Name _____________________ 1 BIOLOGY 325H Genetics Spring 2006 Exam 2 Before you do anything else , please: check to make certain that your copy of the exam is complete, i.e. 5 pages. print your name legibly in the space provided at the top of each page. _______________________________________________________ 1. [15 pts] A. Most animal species ventilate their respiratory surface. What does this mean? Ventilation refers to behaviors that keep the respiratory medium flowing past the respiratory surface, e.g. breathing. B. Explain in terms of the underlying chemical process how ventilation increases the rate of O 2 flow across the respiratory surface, i.e. from the respiratory medium into the body. Ventilation insures that the respiratory surface is continually exposed to a fresh supply of oxygenated medium. This maintains a steep concentration gradient across the respiratory surface, which insures a fast rate of diffusion [see Fick’s Law].
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Name _____________________ 2 2. [15 pts] Answer the questions below using the O 2 :hemoglobin binding curve at the right. Assume that hemoglobin is at equilibrium with respect to O 2 saturation. Sid Matewan is a West Virginia coal miner. Sid is very healthy, and even when he is working Sid maintains a steady P O2 = 100 mm Hg in the blood plasma of his pulmonary veins. A. While he is working, the hemoglobin that passes through Sid's biceps muscles releases exactly 90% of its bound O 2 to the surrounding tissue. What is the P O2 in the deoxygenated blood leaving Sid's biceps muscles? ____ 10 mm Hg__ B. The hemoglobin in the blood returning to the heart from Sid's diaphragm muscle has 30% oxygen saturation. What is the oxygen saturation of the myoglobin in Sid's diaphragm muscle? Circle the correct answer. (1)
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Exam_2 - Name _ BIOLOGY 325H Genetics Spring 2006 Exam 2...

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