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Ashford 4: - Week 3 - Quiz 1. What is the biggest cause of biodiversity loss in almost every ecosystem, including prairies, forests, wetlands, and estuaries? (Points : 1) Rising temperatures Destruction of habitat Dependence on salt water Global decline in amphibian populations 2. What might explain a scenario in which the Earth’s mean temperature was below freezing and surface water was scarce? (Points : 1) Excess atmospheric water was present. Greenhouse gases were absent. Heat was being trapped in the atmosphere. Solar energy had evaporated all the methane. 3. In which of the following countries have groundwater aquifers been severely overpumped? (Points : 1) Brazil India Canada Portugal 4. Which of the following is the most important greenhouse gas? (Points : 1) Carbon dioxide Nitrous oxide Methane Water vapor 5. Soft-path water management approaches involve which of the following? (Points : 1) Conservation and efficiency Large-scale dams Pipelines Aqueducts 6. Environmental studies following the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico indicate that (Points
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