9 - InterferenceDiffraction

No luminiferous ether has ever been detected 2 71311

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Unformatted text preview: ruc2ve interference. 1& # !" = % m + ( 2) where m=0, ± 1, ± 2, ± 3, ...etc. $ 2' Michelson ­Morley Experiment •  When two coherent waves arrive at an observa2on point they may be shiQed in phase rela2ve to each other due to differences in the lengths of the paths they have traveled. NO luminiferous ether has ever been detected. 2 7/13/11 Thin Films •  Light interac2on with thin films involves a number of factors: •  Reflec2on of front and back surfaces. •  Phase shiQ upon reflec2on. •  Refrac2on into film (n). •  Film thickness. (! ") Phase ShiQ upon Reflec2on •  If the reflec2on occurs when the light is reflec2ng off a surface with higher index of refrac.on, then the reflected ray picks up a phase shi5 of π rela2ve to the incident beam. •  If...
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