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9 - InterferenceDiffraction

Dierence possible phase shiq upon total phase shiq

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Unformatted text preview: the reflec2on occurs when the light is reflec2ng off a surface with lower index of refrac.on, then the reflected ray has no phase shi5 rela2ve to the incident beam. Basic Idea NO phase shiQ upon transmission •  When observing the •  Primary reflected ray: effects of light interac2ng Phase shiQ of π usually. with a thin film, we are •  Transmi\ed/refracted usually looking at the light ray: reflected off the front and Phase shiQ due to path back surfaces of the film. difference. Possible phase shiQ upon •  Total phase shiQ between reflec2on off back surface these two rays of film. determines type of interference. 3 7/13/11 Phase of a wave Young’s D...
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