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Spatial Cues Deep Space: Depth cues- visual elements that make us see depth 1. Size difference 2. Perspective/Convergence - lines that create a vanishing point 3. Textual Diffusion - Less texture = farther away 4. Movement - towards or away from camera 5. Tonal separation - darker object seems farther away 6. Color separation - cool colors fade into background, warm colors advance into foreground 7. Overlap 8. Focus - objects out of focus lose their depth cues Flat Space Flat cues reverse or eliminate depth cues 1. Size consistency 2. Perspective/Convergence - remove converging lines, use horizontal or
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Unformatted text preview: vertical lines. 3. Textural Diffusion - all objects have the same texture 4. Movement - must be parallel with camera 5. Tonal separation - reduce spread of tones to one third of total range 6. Color separation - Maintain one palette, either cool or warm 7. Overlap - eliminate 8. Focus - blurred objects read as flat space Ambiguous Space When viewer cannot understand actual size of object or space is unrecognizable 1. Lack of movement 2. Unfamiliar shapes/spaces 3. Tonal / Textural patterns 4. Mirrors or reflections (water) 5. Disorienting camera angles 6. No depth cues...
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