Issue 2 how to make bennett understand and approach

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Unformatted text preview: nne Klein. Issue 2: How to make Bennett understand and approach the succession planning strategy Bennett should be made to understand the gravity of the situation. Although its tough and painful for a person to part from the company for which he has worked so long.especially for one who has been involved in every aspect of the company. He should be asked to quit the company completely.To break free from the company initially would be a bit difficult but he should understand its a part and parcel of the life. He can pursue his other hobbies and passions which he couldn t because of the involvement in job. Also he can devote his time to his family members. Now also, Succession committee needs to inform Tom Terrell who must be harbouring thoughts of becoming CEO that he is not been considered for CEO at all b the Board of Directors. And the rest of the potential candidates Robert Glenn & Marianne Klein can be trained a bit who can be raised to the higher lever management in near term....
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