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Engineering Diversity

Engineering Diversity - to better design the product He...

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Mike Roche Mechanical Engineering September 27, 2005 Engineering and Diversity How does diversity or lack thereof in engineering and computer science disciplines affect the role of ECS in society and/or the impact of society on ECS solutions? Diversity is important in the engineering disciplines just as it is important in all disciplines. It is important because it helps us realize our differences and accept other people who are different than us. Diversity helps us especially in engineering because different types of people look at things in different ways. If you are designing something and you can keep in mind the needs of different people, it will make your product a lot better and more widely used. One professor mentioned how he was working for Carrier and on an international project and working with people in foreign countries helped him
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Unformatted text preview: to better design the product. He said that they brought up ideas that he would of otherwise never thought of because different places have different conditions to deal with and different needs. Diversity is not just difference in race, even thought everyone groups race and diversity together. Race is only a small part of diversity. Diversity is differences in religion, background, and life experiences but in addition to these there are many other aspects of diversity. Diversity is defined as a point or respect in which things differ. Diversity can be in the form of ideas. A diversity of ideas benefits engineering especially because engineering is the process of designing something. When you start designing something with a diversity of ideas already in mind you can take the best aspects of those ideas and make the product better....
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