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Mike Roche Mechanical Engineering October 10, 2005 Engineering and Diversity Why is lifelong learning a necessity in engineering and computer science disciplines? In what way can your education prepare you for lifelong learning? Learning is something that needs to be constantly going on especially in engineering and computer science disciplines. These disciplines are constantly changing and improving. It is necessary to continue learning as long as you are a practicing engineer. Engineers must be prepared for and be ready to practice lifelong learning. Engineers who don’t continuously stay updated with their information and continue to learn will not be able to keep practicing engineering. Education is the most important aspect of engineering. College is the foundation of the rest of your career. Syracuse University is an accredited institution, which means
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Unformatted text preview: that quality of the engineering programs is good and up to date. It means that the educational institution or program meets a set of defined standards. ABET is a specialized accreditation program specifically for engineering disciplines. It last for six years and is very important for a school to have. For anyone studying to become an engineer, lifelong learning must be a practice that they are willing to do. Engineers must always stay up to date on their studies because everything in the engineering fields changes very quickly. For example in the computer science discipline they must be up to date because computer technology is moving extremely fast. The most up to date computer today will be obsolete in six months, so they must be constantly relearning....
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