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Nonverbal Communication - Nonverbal Communication Quote-In...

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Nonverbal Communication Quote: -In human intercourse the tragedy begins, not when there is misunderstanding about words, but when the silence is not understood.- Thoreau -In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.- Gen. 1:1 Nonverbal Communication -off shoot of pronuntiatio A. Introduction (Nouwen, Matt 27:14) 1. Definitions a. What it is not (Dillard, Fast) Fast: What we do nonverbally may have a greater impact. Body Language always has the same meaning, we would never say that about language. Words only have meaning in context. DO NOT use body language as a synonym for nonverbal communication. b. Dillard: reject the view of silence as the absence of sound, but as a thing in itself. It has its own reality, it is a real entity. b. What is it? 2. Characteristics of nonverbal (Burgoon) a. Omnipresent -every communication act has a nonverbal component. LaRusso: Learning, persuasion, and sharing take place in spite of, rather than because of verbal action. -Any behavior can be interpreted as a nonverbal message. b. Misunderstanding as well as Understanding -young photographer takes his life (red jacket, thumbs up) c. Has Interaction primacy -its more important. -the listeners conclusions begin way before speech.
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Nonverbal Communication - Nonverbal Communication Quote-In...

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