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Quote: 1. If you can read this, youre too close.—Bumper Sticker 2. Abide in me and I in you.—Jesus in John 15:4 3. Somewhere is better than anywhere.—Flannery O’Connor. Space: Introduction Dillard: Vonsenden: No conception of height or distance. Rhetoric of Space 1. What space says The space can say things. The Grand Canyon doesn’t speak, but it is going to give you a sense of vastness. Architecture, the Vatican has its own message, they want you to think something, or have an experience. Life is order, the ground at Versailles is very precise. 2. What communication is encouraged in the space. There is a different kind of communication encouraged in the Formal Gardens (no privacy). Some churches encourage informality. 3. How our view of the space influences communication. This space tends to say X, but really what is most important is what we bring to the space, how our view of space affects the space. EX. When is it crowded? LaRusso: Physical Space: cant be altered, the physical surroundsing we inhabit. Abstract Space: Your consciousness of space is most important. I have an image of where I am in the world, and who I am, that image is what affects behavior. The image can be reached rhetorically. What matters most is our perception of space. Dillard: the blind have no sense of space. Spacial Thoughts: Space and the Mind (mental function): Connections. We think of our brain in special terms. The actual distance between two items in our brain is nothing we can understand. Berry Sanders: Whoever walks into a structure walks in twice. Once into the space and once into the metaphysical. Every structure has a reciprocity. I calls something out of you. We have an idea of interiority. When we enter the space we come with our abstract place, and while we are there the place calls something out of us. Indwelling. Personal Space: Our psychic space is our little “bubble” (LaRusso).
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Quote - Quote: 1. If you can read this, youre too...

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