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Unformatted text preview: U.S. v. Collier , 27 M.J. 806 (A.C.M.R. 1988 . ) Parties: : United States Army (Appellee) who convicted Sergeant William H Collier Jr. (Appellant) In a court martial for disobeying a direct order of a warrant officer giving him a bad conduct discharge and a reduction in rank. Procedural History: Appellant was convicted of failure to repair, disobeying the lawful order of a warrant officer and dereliction of duty and sentenced to a bad conduct discharge and reduction of rank to E-1.The Prosecution used his prior convictions against him in court to show character traits of disobedience. Issues: The issue is did the lower court use all means necessary to make sure that the appellant had a fair trial according the U.C.M.J. and did the sergeant taking the stand give the prosecution the right to use his prior convictions in accordance with rule 609. Holdings: It is the courts finding that there was no error in part of the judge in instructing the prosecution on rule 609, and that the conviction of a bad conduct discharge and reduction of ...
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