Quiz1.08.key - BIO 325H, Spring 2008 Quiz 1 Name_ You have...

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BIO 325H, Spring 2008 Quiz 1 Name_______________________________ You have 10 minutes to take this quiz. Read each problem carefully and make sure that you fully answer the questions asked. Good luck! 1. (2 pts.) We talked about several misconceptions about natural selection. Explain why this misconception is wrong. “Organisms are always getting better.” A. Natural selection is not “forward looking,” that is, it cannot anticipate whether what is selectively favored in the present will be beneficial in the future since the environment may change. B. In the absence of appropriate genetic variation (or any variation), an organism will not be able to evolve to have a better phenotype. This could also lead to an organism’s (species’s) extinction. C. The genetic system may have tradeoffs, e.g., a pleiotropic gene, that prevent selection from making the organism better adapted to its environment. D. While I did not intend it, some of you interpreted “organism” to mean individual and said that individuals do not evolve, populations do. Therefore, one cannot say that individual organisms are getting better. We gave full credit for this answer. 2. (1 pts.) You find a population of naked mole rats with individuals having red, pink and albino skin. From other work, you know that these three phenotypes are due to a pair of codomiant alleles such that the red and albino classes are homozygous (RR, aa) and the pink is heterozygous (Ra). Given the following numbers of each in the population, is it in Hardy- Weinberg equilibrium? Why? RR
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Quiz1.08.key - BIO 325H, Spring 2008 Quiz 1 Name_ You have...

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