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Unformatted text preview: patrilineal family ideas – loss of inheritance rights for daughters Flourishing of Confucian scholarship – focus on Zhu Xi Persecution of Buddhism Persecution of Buddhism Active suppression in early Yi. By 1406 all but 242 temples disbanded. Lands and slaves confiscated Early 16th century – state severed all institutional ties with Buddhist establishment Japanese invasions – 1590s Japanese invasions – 1590s J. pirates (wa, wako) – chronic problem Invasion of Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1592) From Pusan up the peninsula Second war (1597­8) Korean victory under Admiral Yi Sun­shin (1545­98) Overview of lives of commoners Overview of lives of commoners Kim Hongdo (b. 1745) Farming Fishing Washing Weaving Builders Builders Blacksmiths Street scene Street scene Tavern Fortune telling Fortune telling Wrestling Korean national identity Korean national identity Tendency to be defined by neighbors Yi policy of seclusion, spurning approaches by Japanese & Westerners China primarily – culturally and politically Also invasions by Japanese and Mongols But, active economic & political contacts in East Asia: periodic embassies to China & Japan Unlike Chinese “culturalism”, sense of distinctness. Powerful nationalism in 20th century...
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