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Yangbansociety yangban

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Unformatted text preview: s Permanent new land grants to supporters – civil and military officials or the yangban (“two groups”). Yangban society Yangban Monopoly on access to office (via examinations) Permanent land holdings led to landed estates using serfs and slaves. 17th­18th centuries – breakdown of estates and freeing of slaves. Completed by 1801 Growth – by 19th c., half the population claimed yangban origins; emergence of poor yangban (called chanban) Confucianization of Korean Confucianization of Korean culture Role of late­Koryo Neo­Confucian scholars Examinations and schools – throughout country Neo­Confucian curriculum Limited to yangban Spread of private schools Sejong’s patronage of Sejong’s patronage of scholarship Institution of Han’gul Invention of rain gauge (pluviometer) Astronomical instruments & clocks Other Confucian changes Other Confucian changes Laws mandated burial of family members (instead of cremation) Spread of...
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