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AI and enterprise systems outline

Companies o manage shared information about orders

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Unformatted text preview: tics Companies. Companies. o Manage Shared Information About Orders, Production, Inventory Levels Goal: To Move Correct Amount of Product From Source to Point of Consumption As Quickly as Possible & at Lowest Cost Consumption o Type of Interorganizational System: Type Automating Flow of Information Across Organizational Boundaries CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS o Manage Relationships With Customers o Coordinate Business Processes Dealing With Customers to: Coordinate Optimize Revenue Optimize Optimize Customer Satisfaction Goal: Increase Sales o Combine Sales, Marketing & Service Record Data From Multiple Communication Channels to: Channels Provide Unified View of Customer Eliminate Duplicate Efforts INTELLIGENT SYSTMS FOR DECISION SUPPORT 8th ed. p. 346-348; 9th ed. p. 356-357 o o o o o ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CAPTURE & CODIFY KNOWLEDGE Computer-Based System (Hardware & Software) Emulates Human Behavior & Thought Accomplish Physical Tasks (Robotics) Use Perceptual Apparatus (Visual & Oral Perception Systems) Emulate Human Expertise & Decision Making (Expert Systems) o o o o o o o o o o o o o EXPERT SYSTEMS Programmed Decision-Making IS Captures & Reproduces Knowledge & Expertise of Expert(s) Captures Simulates the “Thinking” or “Actions” of the Expert Implemented with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Captures, Stores, & Provides Access to the Reasoning of Experts Preserve Expertise Used Where Expertise is Expensive or in Short Supply Create Knowledge Base Mechanism Not Subject To Feelings, Fatigue, Worry, Crisis Eliminate Routine / Unsatisfying Jobs Enhance Knowledge Base Knowledge - Intensive Captures Human Expertise IS 3300 AI Systems that Span the Enterprise o Limited Domains of K...
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