AI and enterprise systems outline

Performed by people in short amount of time of o 8th

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Unformatted text preview: nowledge o Perform Limited Number of Tasks that can be Performed by People in Short Amount of Time of o 8th ed. p. 346; 9th ed. p. 356 o o o o EXPERT SYSTEMS Only certain classes of problems can be solved using expert systems. … Deal with problems of classifications …relatively few alternative outcomes & in which problems these possible outcomes are all known in advance. KNOWLEDGE BASE: Model of Human Knowledge [Set of Rules] INFERENCE ENGINE: Searches Through Rule Base & Formulates an Answer KNOWLEDGE ENGINEER: Spet who Gathers Information and Places it in the Knowledge Base the EXPERT SYSTEMS BENEFITS o o o o o o o o o o o o Improved Decisions Reduced Errors Reduced Costs Reduced Training Time Improved Quality Improved Service EXPERT SYSTEMS LIMITATIONS Lack Robust & General Intelligence of Humans Only Work Well With Certain Classes of Problem: e.g., Problems of Classification Do NOT Work Well with Unstructured Problems Creation Can be Large, Lengthy, Expensive Maintaining Knowledge Base Critical Many Managers Unwilling to Trust Such Systems EXPERT SYSTEMS: Example o 8 ed. Figure 10-8, p. 347 o 9th ed. Figure 10-8, p. 357 th o o o o o o INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS Not Covered Case-Based Reasoning, 8th ed. p. 348, 9th ed. p. 358 Fuzzy Logic Systems, 8th ed. p. 349, 9th ed. p. 358-359 Neural Networks, 8th ed. p. 349-350, 9th ed. p. 359-360 Genetic Algorithms, 8th ed. p. 350, 9th ed. p. 360, 362 INTELLIGENT AGENTS Technology to Navigate Through Large Amounts of Data Act on Important Information 3 o Work in Background to Carry out Specific, repetitive & Predictable Tasks o Some Intelligent Agents Search for Information on the Internet [shopping bots]...
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