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Comm Chapter 5

Comm Chapter 5 - General references Special References...

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Comm Chapter 5- Exploring the Controversy Advocates who want to present their position intelligently and to convince others to concur with them must be thoroughly familiar with the controversy. They must undertake an organized program of research so that they can explore fully all revelent aspects of the issues. Brainstorming - a method of shared problem solving in which all members of a group spontaneously contribute ideas. Guidelines include: Limited size of group Limited time devoted to brainstorming session Announce the problem in advance Encourage all participants to contribute Don’t follow any organized pattern Don’t permit any criticism or evaluation of ideas Record ideas Subject all ideas to rigorous evaluation. Note: a good place to start when brainstorming is the topic paper which is readily available at the DEBATE CENTRAL web site. Locating Relevant Material
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Unformatted text preview: General references, Special References, Current Periodicals and Newspapers, Databases, Web Sites, and Keyword Searches. (interviews and correspondence) ( When searching ask who is concerned with the proposition, who is for it and who is against it. This will help lead you in the right directions on your search for relevant references.) Many times conflicting evidence and conflicting interpretations of the same evidence are, of course, inherent in argumentation. If there were no controversy, there would be no debate. Reading with a purpose. Before you begin reading have an idea of what it is you are trying to find. Material was once stored on index cards in recipe boxes or long file drawers. Now more so then back then, page size briefs are kept in folders and expandable files (still called a card though.)...
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