Supplemental HW5 - CCEV360-04 March 3 2008 Dillon Gauthier...

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CCEV360-04 March 3, 2008 Dillon Gauthier Supplemental Home Problems – Batching, Placing, Curing BPFC.1 Spin Drum 70-100 revolutions @ 6-18 rpm While driving: 2-6 rpm BPFC.2 At the site: 10% h 2 o [if needed] AEA admixtures 30 more revolutions @ 6-18 rpm BPFC.3 Max age limit: 1 ½ hours or 300 revolutions. BPFC.4 Too much handling will equal longer construction times, can cause excess segregation and bleed. Air is lost as well. BPFC.5 20 inches maximum lift thickness Vibrators cannot penetrate further Screeding should be done to level out concrete Cold joints should be avoided, so that the concrete stays uniform. BPFC.6 Vibrators: ¾”-4” diameter Effective radius = 4 x diameter 5-15 seconds per vibration Overlapping the effective radius prevents cold joints, and removes honey combing. BPFC.7 1) honey combing aggregate not spaced uniformly 2) Excessive amount of entrapped air voids called bugholes 3) Cold joints improper mixing between pours BPFC.8 Placement should start at the far point of a slab and proceed toward the concrete supply source. The concrete in place should slightly overfill the forms, and be roughly leveled. Large voids trapped should be removed by consolidation. Screeding is the process of cutting off excess concrete to bring the top surface of the slab to proper grade, using a sawing motion. Bullfloating is next, and it embeds large aggregate, and
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This homework help was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course CCEV 360 taught by Professor Lambrechts during the Spring '08 term at Wentworth Institute of Technology.

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Supplemental HW5 - CCEV360-04 March 3 2008 Dillon Gauthier...

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