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1 )   When Charles Horton Cooley used the term looking-glass  self , he was referring to the fact that:   (2pts)   people are self-absorbed.   people see themselves as they think others see them.   people see things only from their own point of view.   our actions are a reflection of our cultural values. 2 ) A person who has lost the capacity for independent living is described as:   (2pts)   unsocialized.   integrated.   institutionalized.   dissociated. 3 ) The “graying of the United States” refers to the process  by which:   (2pts)   the average age of the population is rising.   the number of elderly people is increasing.   the share of the population that has reached age sixty-five is  increasing.   All of the above are correct.
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Name: ________________________ ID: A 2 ____ 13. In 2008, Floyd carried out a successful complete termination redemption of his stock in Gray Corporation.
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