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Jennifer Jenkins – women’s advocate, sexual assault crisis worker Domestic violence – 1 st bf at mt Claire, drinking fights escalate to violence, gradual violence and low self esteem make her feel she deserves it and cant do better, protect and defend him because she felt she needed him and felt loved, survivor not victim, gets emotional thinking about it happening to other women and remembering past, after grad school still in violent relationships because she believes she deserves it, goes on match.com, met navy counsoler, very abusive, met at his appt., sees abusive patterns (“what are you fucking stupid” while making drink, tells her to vacuum and watches), wants to be married and moves in with him, biological clock and wants American dream, getting violent during sex, final abusive relationship, pushed on 4 th of july, watched him leave days later Date rape – serious pain and violence during sex with match.com bf, sodomized after saying she needed a break from rough sex, he wouldn’t take her to hospital although she
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