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1_24_08 - charged in the accident The police determined the...

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Read the following case scenario and discuss in as much detail as possible, answering the questions, commenting to one another's posts, and at various points, I will also interject as needed. No need to respond after Tuesday, January 29th unless you feel inclined to do so. I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments. Remember: You are required to post a minimum of 2 times, although the more, the livelier the discussion! Case: A young woman (22) was driving home from college to visit her parents and siblings for the holiday. She had a fellow student in the car with whom she grew up. They went to junior high school and church together. At some point during the trip, they were in a very bad car accident. The 22 year old who was driving died, and her friend, survived. Her friend ended up in a wheelchair, a paraplegic with some mild traumatic brain injury. The driver of the other vehicle lived, had suffered minor physical injuries, and was not
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Unformatted text preview: charged in the accident. The police determined the accident was no one's fault - it was merely bad weather and they could not decide who truly was to blame. In addition to whatever discussion you will have regarding this, please answer the following: 1) Who are the primary victims? 2) Who are considered secondary victims? 3) Who are the tertiary victims? 4) Based on what you have read in Chapter 1 on the folks who are considered the "founders of victimology" what would they have to say regarding the victims in this case? 5) Based on your reading in Chapter 8, discuss what services are available to the "victims" in this case. 6) After you can identify services, what local (CT) services are available for these same "victims?" 7) How costly do you think this accident was? (Not looking for a dollar amount, but consider the accident as a whole.) 8) Are there services missing that we need to have for any victim of this case?...
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