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1_31_08 - Vicarious traumatization indirectly experiencing...

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Vicarious traumatization – indirectly experiencing something traumatic (horrific) Nurse clinician, therapist; north end of Hartford; young adult services; young person coming through DCF; abuse physically, emotionally or psychologically; safety net for people in DCF Victim can be a perpetrator as well; witness is victimized, victim in rage is perp, per when helpless is witness, all 1 person, triad; a woman is stabbed to death and a group stands around and watches, you are the one who intervenes, who is the victim, who is the perp Preserve memory of why you began your career, why are you passionate, remember that others feel helpless and you are there to help 9/11 something hasn’t happened directly to us but we are all traumatized from seeing it over and over again, feel insecure, scared, paranoid _______________________________________________________________________ _ Dr in end of life issues, grief counselor, personal trauma at 8 y.o., sees Dracula with older brother and deson’t tell mom because he’ll get in trouble, 21 year old cousin died, no one
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